In our bid to fulfil the ministerial directive to expand our facilities from a two streamed to a three streamed school in 2006, it is our intention to bring you to speed on our infrastructural needs.


  • Two classrooms to accommodate 90 students
  • Hostel to accommodate 90 students
  • Expansion of the dining hall facilities to cater 90 students.
  • Additional two science laboratories.
  • New library
  • 90 Chairs and 90 desks
  • 45 double decker beds


It is worthy to note that the school fees charged in our school is the lowest as compared to other Provincial Boarding schools and that it was constructed to cater for only 180 students. The current student population stands at 450 accommodated in very strained conditions. It is on this background that we make a special appeal to well wishers to contribute monetary emoluments and otherwise to enable us to improve on our existing facilities so as to sustain the very high academic standards which has been the underlying signature of our school.



 Precious Blood is a community with a strong foundation of humility, spirituality and discipline. From its humble beginnings, located in the slums of Kawangware, it has become a world-class institution that ahs produced majority of the most successful women in Kenya and the world, whose intelligence is giving them a forum to act as world ambassadors.

Academics is always key. However what makes the school unique is its focus on extra co-curricular activities as well. The girls here learn to be all rounded and to juggle many responsibilities at once.

Individuals here also develop a strong concern for others. Social responsibility is cultivated through continuous community service. The girls are better equipped to make a strong impact on society and make a change for the better.

Thank you for all your support throughout the years. You have indeed made this school a home to intelligent young girls who now have a chance to gain quality education. We appreciate all your financial support.

We appeal to those who would like to join us in developing a girl child to help us in whichever

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