School is the institution for educating children, granted that children spend the greatest part of their life in school. It is incumbent upon the school administration to ensure that they receive their training, control and discipline in atmosphere of extreme tranquillity and inherent goodwill.

It is indeed perfidious to imagine that good character will be an indwelling commodity through peremptory and fallacious doctrines. Dogmatic presentation of rules has proved counter effective as a means of inculcating elements of proper interpersonal relationships; as there is always a way in which they can be circumvented.

Discipline should be experienced for it to be appreciated and also for it to have meaning. For instance, a student ought to know the importance of proper time management. For through this they ensure that they are always at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing and in the right manner; as the means definitely justifies the end. 

Proper time management diminishes retrogressive eventualities such as unnecessary punishments, inadequate syllabus coverage, lateness for appointments and panic. An institution worth its salt takes it as part of its responsibility to make its charges aware of their place, have a defined job description and perform independently and perfectly without undue attention and follow up.

Everybody should realise that they have a great role to play and should they not do it to the satisfaction of their immediate superiors, then they will definitely face the consequences. The trophies and awards that the school cabinets and shelves are but an embellishment of an ingrained tradition that perfection is the name of the game. Repeated rehearsals, consistent training programmes and a thorough revision process, ensure that it is only the best that comes out.

This is so ably captured in our school anthem ‘DO THE ORDINARY, EXTRA ORDINARILY WELL’ We are greatly indebted to the Lord God Almighty through whose sufficient benevolence, we have been able to achieve insurmountable tasks and yet still remain humble. The success of all our alumni, reinforces the vision of our founder. 



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