Young Christian Society


YOUNG CHRISTIAN SOCIETY The Young Cristian Society [YCS] is an International Society focussed on developing and strengthening the spread of the word of God to the young, especially those in schools. It is made of a great number of Catholic youth all bent on inspiring the word in people's hearts. YCS PRECIOUS BLOODThe need to nurture spirituality in today's youth is great, despite the social or economic background. It is with this in mind that the Precious Blood communinity decided to include all its Christian students into the society, and not only the Catholic, as was previosly the case. All members of the school community therefore belong to this society and are welcome despite their religious affiliations. POLITICAL STRUCTUREThe society has a committed patron Sr. King'ori, through whom any guidance, help or support is very readily available for each student. The society also has a committee in place for smooth running of activities with annual elections, held to freshen ideas. This committee assists in leading in events, organisation and development of creativity  in these youth.  ACTIVITIESThe members of the club hold fortnght meetings on sundays in the school to share experiences,worship, fellowship and support each other spiritually. Frequent prayer guidance and empowerment are observed in these refreshing meetings so dearly loved by all where everyone leaves re-energised.  

  1. Spread of the word of God in each meeting or come together is always overseen, as the main aim of this society and as such, ensuring that another soul is touched by the word.
  2. Annual YCS rallies in the  school, a chance for youths from different schools come together under the same society, all focussed on growing and helping each other grow spiritually and communally. This involves talks, singing, mass, performances and great interaction in many interesting activities.
  1. The society has seen a massive growth in its numbers over the years, with more students being attracted to it.
  2. The society has also been blessed greatly through the growth of not only individual but wholesome development of each other's spiritual needs to an encouraging extent.
  3. The unexeplainable gratitude of having touched a heart, and having that heart touch another to a great extent, till finally, the whole community feels it.
  4. The growth of the community through the members. Members have learnt to care about each other as sisters and thus, create a  lasting family full of blessing and love.

Y.C.S. P.B. Hopes to bring about even more of the desired change to the Worlds youth, as was the dream of the founder of Y.C.S. It also hopes to nurture the spirutual development of making the whole community, a family, all under the same connection, God's beautiful word.  

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