Indoor Games



Many people would want to know why indoor games is a club in the school. Many, I know, would think that it is a boring, dormant club. But there is more to indoor games than people know. I guess that’s why you are here to find out.

Indoor games is all about playing games indoors, as the name suggests. These games include monopoly, scrabble, snakes and ladders, chess and so much more you can think of that is played indoors. There is even card playing. It is really a fun activity to play these games. It is very similar to the way people play basketball, hockey and football; the only difference is that you don’t get tired of playing these games. They are so addictive and you find yourself deeply engrossed in the game. You just keep wanting more and more of it.

You find yourself socializing and having fun with people you have never even met before and although sometimes there may be disagreement here and there, you find a way to just forget about them and before you even know it, you are having fun again. Most people may not realize this, but your concentration span actually improves as you play these games. I’ll give you an example of chess, you have to carefully watch every step and move of your opponent as you try to beat her, so you cannot afford to drift off and lose your chance of winning some money. In addition to that, you build your confidence as an individual.

The same applies to a game like scrabble. You actually improve on your English vocabulary and get to learn new words as you play about with the letters. Indoor games are just the best games ever invented! There are even competitions out there that go on between schools.

All in all, Indoor games is a fun and exiting club. When you are feeling down and stressed, just come over and we will show you how simple it is to be stress free and relaxed. Away from your studies and all these troubles of the world. Indoor games club is just the place to be.

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