The Dreams +Teams Club is an International program sponsored locally by the British Council and internationally by the Youth Sports Fund that aims to bring together different cultures and peoples and bring out leaders in the youth primarily through sport and engaging the youth in community development. The club was started in the school as a part of a 5 selected schools into the program in2007 and has come up well.


Dreams+ teams PB

Dreams+Teams in Precious Blood works on the mission of the International Dreams+Teams, to build one dream, one team one world. The club is centered on organization and upkeep of several activities run by the club itself through generating dreams and living them. Consists currently of46 members with a 5 lady organizing committee and a committed patron Mr. Benson Kamendi



The club oversees the growth of leadership skills in young people in the school in various aspects nurtured by sport since its founding; the following have taken place as a result.


            To ensure the club members had adequate knowledge of the ideas of the program a select 8 students were chosen to undertake an intense knowledge and training program that lasted one week at Jamhuri Secondary School.


Event organizing skills instilled in the club members have seen the club organizing four sport festival s in the school. One sports festival was for Precious Blood Secondary School students on the first year of its founding .

The second involved interhouse activities in sport and also the school itself. The third was a more communal activity that involved the neighboring Amani Primary School having t team up with the PB students in different events. The final was involving exploring the horizons more and thus hosting a sports festival for not only the club but also inviting 4 of the neighboring schools in the area to participate along with a disabled children’s school. All the above have not only brought out strong leadership in the students but also develop a sense of oneness with our surrounding community.




Christmas Concert

            The club has also in organization n with the Choir and Drama Clubs organized two Christmas Concert in the previous year to put an end to the year in style .The first Christmas concert was for the students in PB and the second a treat for the children in the community to extend a warm hand of love .  Both concerts came with a homely feel of African ness as the theme was ‘The Ultimate African Christmas’

            Environmental Concern

            It is wise for the club to not only dream of bright future for our youth but also acknowledge that for that future to exist; we should take care of tomorrow. Tree planting is an activity that is undertaken by the club members at the beginning of each and every function held at the school, something that has become a welcomed norm. Emphasis on instilling these values even on the youth is highly important, even in small things as picking litter. We also organized for a market cleanup in the local Kawangware outside our school with our Partner School in the U.K. Joseph Whitaker in which we are linked

            Mentoring Program

            The club has recently started a mentoring program with our neighboring Amani School .This program involves a number of students from the club going down to provide mentoring through talks Discussions etc to the children whom  we see as our brothers and sisters . This has developed into what we term now as Adopt a Child an open activity where one identifies a young child either in need of mental spiritual or even emotional Uplifting and take cares of them in any way they can.


Our Achievements

1         The club has managed to bring out leadership in the students in a surprised hopes to do even more of this

2         Cultural awareness and appreciation has rapidly developed in our community through continuous interaction with each other

3         Increased self esteem in the young children we have touched in many occasions and thus a feeling of self worth

4         Appreciation of our environment and those around us

5         The need for us to always  believe in our dreams and nurture them for  what you can dream  you can live

6         Continuous and increased  commitment and participation in thi program has earned the club an opportunity to partake in the next program of its kind Connecting Classrooms

7         Which we hope to take as well if not better


Our Dreams

1         To reach more  people in simple activities and dreams that we live to encourage the creativity we hold within

2         To have the chance to witness even more of the interaction and friendship created by this program

3         To participate well and create good ties between people especially in our new program Connecting classrooms

4         To be the source of tomorrows leaders who believe and achieve their believes

5         That a greener and cleaner world awaits due to the efforts we choose to emphasis on now

6         That cultural awareness may spread to each corner of the world and we may learn to appreciate each other

7         To have the opportunity to send a few of our own to our partner school fro the time and experience of a life time, just as they did us.

Teaching Staff


Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – …

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