Choral Club



Choral club is not really a club but an extensive part of the choir club. It began in  2008 under intense training with Mr.Vincent Ateya , who is a well-known journalist with Citizen radio. The choral club which lies under music participates in saying of choral verses or set poems as a group of 16 –24 members. Individual persons may also participate in the solo category.

Choral verses are rhythmic poems of considerable length which tend to give a message to the audience The message may vary from entertainment, according to praise on something, fact or fiction. It helps the student see the views of the author much more clearly and the message being passed on.

The choral club has enabled the students to engage in activities that acquire much gut like solo verse reciting, public speaking e.t.c. Students are able to acquire the confidence required to pass on a message to a live audience. This is not to be taken for granted because, in this modern day and age, a fluent person who can deliver his or her views without  hesitation is greatly admired.

It has done much more including; delivering worthwhile pieces like discussing modern problems, building and developing talents in students and improving the participation of Precious Blood students in extra curriculum activities. Above all this, it has successfully built up the self-esteem of students in it believe in their selves, constantly battle with time management and they come out winners.

With the question in mind, why does man struggle to build, while he himself cannot build it? The Precious Blood Riruta choral club can proudly say, we have built a tower, but more so, we have built ourselves too.

Teaching Staff


Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – …

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