Events Calendar




1         TERM ONE:

1.    Drama Festivals

2.    Basket ball season

3.    Rugby matches

4.    Hockey tournaments

5.    Interhouse sports

6.    Interhouse Drama and Music festivals

7.    Thanksgiving Mass

8.    Science congress

9.    Club Activities


2         TERM TWO:

1.    Music Festivals

2.    Young Christian Society Rally

3.    Annual Speech and prize giving day

4.    Selection of school prefects

5.    Football season

6.    History and Geography tours

7.    Precious Blood Day

8.    Form four parents and teachers consultation

9.    Club Activities


3         TERM THREE:

1.    Holy Spirit Mass

2.    Form two parents and teachers consultation

3.    Christmas concert

4.    School Parties

5.    Club Parties




Attendance and participation in school functions by students and teachers is expected and absenteeism is allowed only by special permission from the Principal. The major school functions include:

·        Parents’ day (Last Friday of May or first Friday of June)

·        Open day (Form 4 – Term 2, Form 2 – Term 3)

·        Inter-house Music Festival (Last Saturday of March) Inter-house Hockey (Term 3)

·        Inter-house Maths contest/ Inter-house Science contest

·        Careers Talk (Form 4 – Term 2, Form 2 – Term 2)

·        School luncheon/ dinner and Staff luncheon

·        Staff meetings (2 per term – Opening day and the last Wednesday of term)

·        Announcement of prefects (on probation – last Thursday of Term 2 and their confirmation on the last Thursday of Term 3)

·        Last school assembly (the afternoon before closing day)

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