Junior Achievement



Among the activities incorporated in the school is Junior Achievement which is a company-based program aiming at the development of young entrepreneurs. Some of the activities that we get involved in are:

1. Developing our own company and running it for a period of nine months after which it is liquidated. This takes place every year.

2. Job-shadowing. Each member of JA Club gets a chance to visit their dream workplaces and interact with specialists in the various career places.

3. Sports. Together with other schools offering the same program, we unite through fun and sport activities clearly showing that business is not all about work and no play.

4. Corporate social responsibility. Any business gets its resources from the environment and ultimately gives back to its society. s JA, we participate in social work such as visiting the sick, cleaning the hospitals, cleaning the surrounding churches and also planting trees.

5. The Expo. After all the hard work, a time comes when we are put to the test. All the schools that have this program come together to showcase their products and to make presentations after which awards are given.


JA Club is admired and respected by many and has helped build some of the current successful CEOs in the country.

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