Rangers Club



I t is also known as the Girl Guides Society and is responsible for hoisting and raising of the flag every Monday and Friday, during the morning assembly. We are identified in the school by the wearing of navy blue uniform on these days, just like any other girls' high school.

To keep our marching and drills in check, we meet every Saturday at 10.30 am for practice and also for teaching of new drills and chants.

Since the society involves a large number of girls, it is divided into different troops. Each troop has its own troop leader and an assistant. This is to ensure organization. Each troop has a chance of raising the flag using the most creative way possible, with the most creative and neatest troop earning points. This encourages the spirit of competition and also betters the guides.

The Rangers Society is run by a committee of four people; Captain. Vice-captain, Treasurer, Secretary. This committee is voted in by the society and reports to the patron of the society.

During public holidays we get the opportunity of either going to State House to serve the President and his invited guests or going to march in his honour at the Stadium. This depends on where the Headquarters of society stations us. Internally, we team up with the First Aid Club to hold a Guard of Honour for our Guest of Honour, during our annual Prize Giving Day.

Every year, a hike is organized to various places. For example last year we were able to go to Mt. Longonot together with the boys' scouts of Nairobi School. The venue of the hike depends on the funds and the preference of location.

To keep the Rangers in check on the information we acquire, competitions are organized with the troops competing against themselves. Such an activity would be like treasure hunts. This helps build on teamwork, not only for the hunt but also in other areas.

Currently, a tradition of community service is being undertaken. This helps in creating awareness of responsibility of the Guides.

The Rangers Society is one a girl would like to join and stay in while at Precious Blood Riruta and even continue with outside the school. It helps one grow more responsible and sensitize you on the importance of teamwork, co-operation and responsibility.

Teaching Staff


Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – …

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