Environment Club



This is a club that consists of people passionate about the environment and all its entails. Each year, it comes up with a new theme or subject matter to tackle.

 This year’s theme is THE CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGE. The club looked at the use of plastic bags sustainably to tackle the possible local causes of climate change.

The club is actively involved in sharing ideas with not only the young people but also the old in making the environment better.

Our slogan is GRREN-AID i.e. ‘spreading the greening influence’- just like a grenade causes mass destruction. Spreading awareness among the locals is also an integral   part of our activities as a club.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB 2009  2009 has been quite an eventful year for the environmental club. The club has been engaged in various activities, all for the betterment of not only the school but also for the local community. The main subject of concern this year was climate change. The club was involved in an awareness campaign to enlighten the community about the climate change challenge and how to combat it.  We also made a project in light of climate change. The project involved using plastic bags sustainably.  This project made it to the provincial competition of I.C.C (International Climate Change) Programme where we attained second position. Thereafter at the National Competition at Samaj School, we scooped the award for the Most Creative Project. This led to 2 members of the club namely Happiness Obare and Sofina Merinyo going to The United Kingdom for the International competitions. It was a very educative and fun-filled experience where we got a chance to interact with various people who shared similar ideas. On the day of competition all was very captivating and various people had a variety of projects. The competition was stiff but despite the challenge, our project was adjudged The Most Outstanding Project, a feat way above our wildest imagination. In addition to the foregoing, the club has also been involved in tree planting at the Karura Forest, all for the improvement of our environment. As we look to the future, our mission statement stands: Think locally but act globally.


Teaching Staff


Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – …

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