School History





On close study of the emblem, you will note the following significant parts:

1.                  A central part

2.                  5 colours

3.                  The Bible

4.                  Science equipment

5.                  Green and white stripes


1.         The central part represents the ‘coat of arms’ of the international Precious Blood Community without the surrounding wreath of the scripture text ‘Thou hast redeemed us by the Precious Blood’

The Precious Blood Sisters started the Precious Blood Secondary School – Riruta and wanted to transmit and share their spirituality with the students. We see the lamb holding a banner and blood is shed and poured out into a chalice. This symbolizes Christ, the Lamb of God, and God made man, who stands in readiness to do the will of his Father. He sheds His Precious Blood, the very last drop, and saves mankind, you and me, from sin and all evil, giving us new life, the fullness of life through His death and resurrection.


The banner is the sign of victory: through suffering and toil of joy, from death to life. The example of Jesus’ life should be our incentive to spend our life in the service of God and others with commitment, in a self-sacrificing spirit, love and zeal for the cause of God and others. This will bring about true and genuine self-fulfilment and will contribute to a better world. It will be a preparation for the life to come in eternal happiness and peace.


1.                  The frame shows the school setting of the Precious Blood Secondary School

The five colours above, i.e. blue, red, white, yellow and green – indicate the five different houses in the school. Every student belongs to one of these houses.

            Blue                 -           Meru

            Red                  -           Kilimanjaro

            White               -           Kenya

            Yellow              -           Ruwenzori

            Green              -           Elgon

The houses are representative of five prominent mountains in the Eastern Africa region.


The Bible at the right corner, just below the five colours, symbolizes the importance of the word of God, which should guide the life of all members of the school and from which we should learn our life-values and life-principles. This we do through all our actions, studies, sports, play combined with prayer and all other commitments the school asks of them. It is hoped that our lives will then be according to the spirit of Christ.


The science equipment seen at the left side below the five colours stands for the efforts required to develop all the potentials of the students in all spheres – human, social, communal, religious and academic. The aim is to mould the whole personality into that individual God had in mind at creation. Therefore the motto ‘Forward ever, backward never’.


The two colours shown at the bottom of green and white signify the school uniform. White blouses and socks and green skirts and sweaters.

Teaching Staff


Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – …

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